Pneupac™ VR1


Title: Pneupac™ VR1 unit with patient valve inc auto & modes with demand breathing
£1,740.00 ex.VAT
£2,088.00 inc.VAT


The Pneupac™ VR1 is a simple, safe, portable ventilator configured as a lightweight palm sized unit – ideal for managing airway respiratory emergencies in any given location. Quick to set up and easy to use, the ventilator can be taken into extreme environments, such as an MRI scanner and extremely low temperatures. The Pneupac™ VR1 has been designed as a first response ventilator for emergency personnel within the ambulance, fire and police services and is also applicable in industrial and commercial markets.

The nature of the environment in which first responders have to operate requires the product to perform reliably in demanding conditions and circumstances.   

Key Features

  • Small, lightweight design has all the advantages of portability, without compromising key clinical features
  • Single knob for tidal volume/frequency control enables quick set-up for patient’s requirements
  • Auto/manual control allows the operator to choose automatic mode or to provide resuscitation manually
  • Integrated patient demand system allows synchronized interaction with the patient's own breathing efforts
  • Linked manual controls allow the ventilator to be used in a variety of chest compression/ventilation options in cardiac life support
  • Patient valve/input hose is extremely flexible and easily removed for cleaning
  • MRI compatible to 3 Tesla provides maximum flexibility for transport within the hospital
  • Air mix switch
  • Ingress Protection rating of 56


  • Dimensions
    17.00cm x 10.00cm x 9.50cm
  • Weight


  • Pneupac™ VR1 unit with patient valve inc auto & modes with demand breathing.
  • Pneupac™ VR1 unit with patient valve inc auto & manual modes with demand breathing & air mix.

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