HaemoCap™ MultiSite Pressure Dressing


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HaemoCap™ MultiSite is a pressure dressing. It is NOT a tourniquet.

It can be used with or without a haemostatic agent and can be applied by civilians, first responders, pre-hospital care personnel and the military. It is your extra pair of hands!

The Benefits of Haemocap™ Multisite
  • HaemoCap™ MultiSite is not a touriquet - it's a pressure dressing
  • Rapid Application
  • HaemoCap™ MultiSite (Head/Neck/Limbs/Axilla)
  • Can be applied by one person and non-trained medical staff
  • Online training available with 3 CPD points
  • Semi Transparent so that the wound is visible
  • Unlike fabric bandages, it does not draw blood from the wound
  • Simple to remove and re-apply after inspecting wound
  • Will not exceed 50 mmHg of pressure
  • HaemoCap™ MultiSite is NOT a Tourniquet
  • Works with all suction devices
  • Can be used in the Equine and Canine sectors

*Pump not included and available separately here

Dimensions Packaged: 12x20cm
Weight: 86g

HaemoCap™ MultiSite is a PVC medical device with a hook and loop fastener. HaemoCap™ MultiSite is to be used with absorbent dressings/gauze and suitable vacuum pump, neither of which are supplied with the device. HaemoCap™ multisite is supplied non-sterile in a sealed pouch and is single-use.

HaemoCap™ MultiSite is indicated for applying consistent pressure to traumatic wounds and can be used in conjunction with other haemostatic agents.


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