Water-Jel ChitoClot Bandage EXPIRY 2022/10

SKU: DR-WJ-CB412-5

size: 12x10cm
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Adhesive Haemostatic dressings are ideal for covering moderate to severe bleeding wounds. The dressings work with your body's clotting process to stop bleeds quickly. The dressings are ideal for anywhere there is risk of a severe bleed occurring including workplaces that are seen as high risk. Adhesive haemostatic dressings are also ideal for people who need help with their natural clotting process including people taking blood thinning medication.

Pad Sizes:

  • CB412-1 - 5X5cm
  • CB412-2 - 6x4cm 
  • CB412-3 - 8x5cm
  • CB412-4 - 10x8cm
  • CB412-5 - 12x10cm
  • CB412-7 - 20x6cm


  • 100% Chitosan non-woven layer inside
  • Excellent effect on rapid hemorrhage control (External Use Only)
  • High absorption rate, more than 12 times
  • Provide a wet-surrounding for wound care
  • Flexible and conformable to tissue surfaces
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Antibacterial
  • Easy to remove
  • Simple application, easy to administer

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