Basic Sterile Needle Kit


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When travelling to complex regions or off the beaten track, it may be daunting if you become unwell or sustain an injury if you have to rely on medical assistance that may not be adequate. 

IV Tactical have developed our Basic Sterile Needle Kit specifically for the traveller in mind, it is packaged in a tough Mylar Foil Pouch which is security sealed for hygiene reasons but features a resealable closure. It is ideal carried in a back pack or in a pocket its lightweight and compact weighing not more than 100g.

Should you need to receive medications the peace of mind in knowing the equipment is sterile and suitable for purpose takes away an additional stressful factor. All items are manufactured to European quality standards and are CE Marked. 


(Individually Sterile Packaged) 

4 x Sterile Needles Internationally Colour Coded -
  • Orange 25g,
  • Blue 23g,
  • Green 21g,
  • Cream/White 19g.
1 x Dental Needle 30g  
2 x Syringes 2ml & 5ml
2 x Pre Injection Swabs
1 x Thumb Scalpel
1 x Vinyl Examination Gloves (Large)


Dimensions - 
Weight - 



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