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Emergency Thermal Blanket
Steroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage BlackSteroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage Black
Steroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage Black
£1.04 ex.VAT
£1.25 inc.VAT
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FoxSeal Occlusive Dressing Chest Seal
FoxSeal Occlusive Dressing Chest Seal
£13.70 ex.VAT
£16.44 inc.VAT
Responder GauzeResponder Gauze
Responder Gauze
£2.92 ex.VAT
£3.50 inc.VAT
£2.28 ex.VAT
£2.74 inc.VAT
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i-gel Supraglottic Airwayi-gel Supraglottic Airway
CPR Mask in CaseCPR Mask in Case
CPR Mask in Case
£3.75 ex.VAT
£4.50 inc.VAT
Emergency Trauma Bandage 4" (Israeli)Emergency Trauma Bandage 4" (Israeli)
Emergency Trauma Bandage 4" (Israeli)
£5.42 ex.VAT
£6.50 inc.VAT
Conforming Bandages
Conforming Bandages
£0.37 ex.VAT
£0.44 inc.VAT
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Celox Haemostatic Agent 15g SachetCelox Haemostatic Agent 15g Sachet
Celox Haemostatic Agent 15g Sachet
£15.45 ex.VAT
£18.54 inc.VAT
Steroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage TanSteroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage Tan
Steroban Cohesive Elastic Bandage Tan
£1.04 ex.VAT
£1.25 inc.VAT
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SOF® Tourniquet Generation 4SOF® Tourniquet Generation 4
SOF® Tourniquet Generation 4
£24.57 ex.VAT
£29.48 inc.VAT
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Lumica Lightstick 12hr 6" MilitaryLumica Lightstick 12hr 6" Military
Lumica Lightstick 12hr 6" Military
£0.95 ex.VAT
£1.14 inc.VAT
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Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Blot Gel (Single Dose)Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Blot Gel (Single Dose)
Save £1.25
TacPull (Set of Four) - RedTacPull (Set of Four) - Red
Mini SharpieMini Sharpie
Mini Sharpie
£2.06 ex.VAT
£2.47 inc.VAT
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Reusable Washable Cotton Face Covering with 2 FiltersReusable Washable Cotton Face Covering with 2 Filters
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Pulse Oximeter MD300C19
Celox A ApplicatorCelox A Applicator
Celox A Applicator
£21.50 ex.VAT
£25.80 inc.VAT
Burnshield Hydrogel Burn Dressing 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")
Tactical Shears (Black Blades & Black Handles) 19cmTactical Shears (Black Blades & Black Handles) 19cm
Revive Aid Face Shield
Revive Aid Face Shield
£0.50 ex.VAT
£0.60 inc.VAT

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