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Our IV Tactical TCCC card is based on recommendations from the United States Department of Defense Joint Trauma Committee on Tactical Combat Casualty Care released in April 2013. Revised June 2014

The TCCC Card is the standardised method for documentation of casualty care in the prehospital environment for battle and non-battle injuries. The form promotes the US Department of Defense goals of capturing documentation of pre-hospital medical interventions at the point-of-injury.  First responders, to include clinical providers, will document treatment using the current TCCC guidelines. 

Consult here for guidelines on completing this form. 

Size: A5 (15 x 21cm)

Card Material: 300 gsm, waterproof, tear-resistant, foldable synthetic paper.

Will withstand:

  • Water (including seawater)
  • Bleach & cleaning chemicals
  • Tearing
  • Grease
  • Petrol & oil
  • Extreme temperature*

*Can withstand temperatures as low as -40° and up to 250° (not an open flame! Is not fire retardant).

Securing Band: Our TCCC card comes with an EPDM Rubber securing band. Made of non-latex EPDM rubber, which contain no natural rubber proteins that can sometimes cause an allergic reaction. These heavy-duty rubber bands are UV, ozone, weather and age resistant making them suitable for use in extreme environments.

Our cards are reinforced by a zinc-alloy grommet which elastic is tethered through. 

Wholesale Customers - if your interested in having these printed and branded with your logo at the bottom of each page, get in touch with us for a quote (Minimum order 100 cards). 

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