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Tactical Foodpack rations Delta, Echo and Foxtrot are designed for short-term challenges. The rations include one Tactical Foodpack meal, various snacks and an energy drink. Extras include a spoon, Tactical drinking cup and a disinfectant hand cleaning wipe. The ration bag is resealable.

Be up to your task!

The package contains the following :

  • Mashed Potatoes and Bacon – net weight 110 g, energy content per portion 645 kcal
  • Bread – net weight 100 g, energy content per portion 262 kcal
  • Core Shake Berry Blast – net weight 60 g, energy content per portion  287 kcal
  • Beef Jerky Beef Teriyaki – net weight 40 g, energy content per portion 112.4  kcal
  • Energy Drink Lemon – net weight 30 g, energy content per portion 114 kcal
  • Spoon
  • Drinking Cup
  • Disinfection Swap

Energy content of 1 Meal Ration Delta: 1420 kcal

Net Weight: 342g

Best before:
8 year for meal
2 year for snacks

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