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Use the Venimex to remove the poison after being bit or stung by an insect or arthropod. This helps prevent the spread of the poison in the body. The venom extractor is effective for bites and stings from wasps, bees, spiders, and scorpions. The automatic vacuum pump has strong suction strength (800 millibar) and is easy to use with one hand. The mouthpieces can be used in three different ways.

Place the venom extractor on the bite or sting and push down firmly until the pump latches onto the skin. Have the automatic vacuum pump suction for one to five minutes. The Venimex is suitable for all ages. It is a first aid treatment to be given while waiting for medical care in serious cases.

User instructions:
Step 1. Use the venom extractor after you have been stung by a wasp or scorpion or bitten by a spider. In the case of a scorpion sting, you must contact medical emergency services immediately.
Step 2. Select an appropriately sized suction cup. Use the small suction cup for uneven body parts (e.g. your knee or finger). The small suction cup can be attached to the pump in two ways.
Step 3. Place the suction cup over the bite area.
Step 4. Press the venom extractor down firmly until the pump unlocks.
Step 5. Allow the automatic vacuum pump to suck for one minute (five minutes in the case of a scorpion sting)
Step 6. Remove the pump by tilting it until air flows into the suction cup. Disinfect the wound with an alcohol-free antiseptic.
Step 7. Clean the suction cup with soap and water or an antibacterial wipe. The pump itself must not be rinsed.
Step 8. For storage, push the inner tube into the pump and press the tabs on both sides to lock it. Store the pump in its protective pouch in a dry place at room temperature.


1 x venom extractor
2 x suction cups


  • Effective against bites and stings from wasps, bees, spiders and scorpions.
  • Prevents poison from spreading throughout the body.
  • Automatic vacuum pump with strong suction power of 800 millibars.
  • Includes 2 suction caps.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Easy to operate with one hand.
  • Practical all-in-one package.


Weight - 155 grams
Dimensions of packaging 45x60x185mm

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