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Proper junctional wound packing is a critical bleeding control skill. The TrueClot Inguinal Packing Trainer is a wearable training aid that simulates a junctional hemorrhage that cannot be treated with a tourniquet and teaches advanced wound packing skills. The trainer can be placed on a manikin or worn by an actor for a higher level of realism.

Training blood is pumped through the device to simulate hemorrhage and the large gunshot wound cavity can be packed with a full 12ft. x 3in. strip of simulated hemostatic dressing. Proper wound packing and compression will cause hemorrhaging to stop. When fitted on a manikin a junctional tourniquet may also be applied.

The trainer can be worn under or on top of clothing. For the highest level of realism use TrueClot Blood Simulant and Simulated Hemostatic Gauze for realistic blood clotting simulation. The trainer is for right side inguinal area fitment only.


  • Durable ballistic nylon construction
  • Bleeding wound with deep simulated wound bed
  • Fully packable with 12 ft. strip of simulated hemostatic dressing
  • Easy to clean and air dry
  • Includes 1L of TrueClot Blood Simulant, 5 packs of gauze, and storage case


  • A 1 Liter squeeze bottle for training blood
  • Quick disconnect fittings
  • 1L of TrueClot Blood Simulant Concentrate
  • 5 packs of TrueClot Simulated Hemostatic Gauze (4′)
  • 1 Plastic Storage Case

This product is not in stock but is available on a lead time of approx 2 weeks


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