Wound Packing Leg Task Trainer


Skin Tone: Light
£565.00 ex.VAT
£678.00 inc.VAT


Practice wound packing and applying tourniquet with the Trauma Leg Task Trainer. The trainer represents an injured leg with laceration, bullet entry, and bullet exit wounds.

The leg features soft tissue. A bleeding system enables the leg to bleed realistically from within the wounds.

Technical specifications:

  • 48 cm (18.9 inches) in length, approximately 18 cm diameter (7 inch) 5kg weight.
  • Silicone and plastic representing soft tissue
  • The bleeding system enables blood to run out of the wounds
  • Tourniquet application stops the bleeding
  • Application bottle included
  • Simulated blood included

Product Brochure

This product is not in stock and available on a 4 week lead time. You can place your order and will be notified of delivery schedule and provided tracking information. Or alternatively email info@ivtactical or call 01380 827070 to discuss.

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