IV Tactical is dedicated to the supply of bespoke designed trauma medical and first aid packs.

Our aim is to address the content requirements of a medical pack for treatment of casualties in complex or challenging environments in order to reduce pre hospital mortality. Our goal is to constantly ensure product is relevant to the application i.e. understanding the nature of wounds and injuries that may be encountered and making sure products are suitable and practical for the medic or responder to use.

Our customers predominantly are:

  • Military, Police & Government
  • Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP)
  • Private Military Companies (PMC)
  • Private Security Companies (PSC)
  • Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC)
  • Associated Training Providers

We also service:

  • Non Governmental Organisations
  • Off Shore and Remote Area Workers
  • Adventurers & Expedition Leaders
  • Extreme Sports Enthusiasts
  • and Survivalists.


Our mission is straightforward- to be applicable, capable and dependable - we strive to bring you the best products that are suitable to your requirement and matched to your environment.

“When you are operating in a complex environment, faced with adversities or challenges we expect our equipment to be that reliable and trusted element that gains the advantage, gives you the edge and supports you to achieve your objectives”.

Steve Taylor, Managing Director, IV Tactical.



We believe our service should embrace the following tenets:

  • Efficient and effective response to sales opportunities and client requests
  • Development of applicable variations in kit requirements, assessment and redesign of equipment
  • Variety of choice and a broad range of products at a competitive price
  • Expedient service on delivery with a focused approach to building and maintaining long term client relationships
  • Provide a follow up service that is completely client focused