BD Discardit Luer Slip Syringe


Size: 2ml
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The BD Discardit II syringe is a single-use medical device intended for injection and aspiration of medical fluids, including both bodily fluids (blood, etc.) and medicines. The lubricant included in the barrel material allows for smooth advancement of the plunger, leading to reduced sliding force. 

2-Piece Design

The robust retaining ring helps to reduce the incidence of accidental plunger rod pullout during aspiration while the clear and transparent barrel provides easy visualization of the syringe content and dosing accuracy.

Popular latex free disposable sterile BD luer slip syringes in a 2ml & 5ml

  • For easy and accurate administration of drugs
  • Clear and precise markings
  • Latex free and CE marked
  • Available in 2 ml & 5ml.
  • Individually wrapped, sterile syringes
  • Syringes are made from polypropylene, latex free rubber and contain amide lubricant
  • Tested during manufacture in compliance with ISO 7886-1

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