Bolin Chest Seal


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Sucking chest wounds require an emergency first aid solution that is fast, direct and effective. The Bolin Chest Seal (BCS) is specifically engineered to meet these critical needs.

Replacing the Asherman in the British Armed Forces. The Bolin Chest Seal uses hydrogel and therefore stays in place, even in difficult conditions.

The BCS is a sterile occlusive chest wound dressing for treating open pneumothorax and preventing tension pneumothorax that result from gunshots, stabwounds, or other penetrating chest trauma. The patented failure-proof triple-valve design of the BCS allows air and blood to escape while preventing the re-entry of either, thereby eliminating any unwanted gas or liquid exchange at the trauma site.


  • Parallel valve design allows the BCS to be folded together
  • Wider tab for easy removal of the protective film for faster application
  • Dry edge on the outside of the BCS to prevent sticking to the packaging and the gloves of the user
  • Gel coating with enhanced adhesion
  • Clear, transparent design for optimal wound visualization
  • Three very flat one-way valves
  • Optimal size (diameter> 15cm) for large area wounds
  • Including gauze for wound cleaning
  • Storage temperature: -23 ° C to + 65 ° C
  • Application at temperatures: +1,7 ° C to + 54 ° C


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