Combos - Tactical Six Pack Alpha

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Tactical Foodpack’s perfect combo contains 6 different TF food packages, which is a perfect set for a 2-day hike.

The package contains the following dishes:

  • Rice Pudding and Berries – net weight 90g, energy content per portion 425 kcal
  • Oatmeal and Apples – net weight 90g, energy content per portion 390 kcal
  • Mashed Potatoes and Bacon – net weight 110g, energy content per portion 601 kcal
  • Meat Soup – net weight 90g, energy content per portion 440 kcal
  • Curry Chicken and Rice – net weight 100g, energy content per portion 500 kcal
  • Beef Spaghetti Bolognese – net weight 115g, energy content per portion 542 kcal
  • Free extras – heater bag + 1 heater element – read more: here

Energy content of Sixpack Alpha: 2898 kcal

Net weight: 595g

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