CVN Arctic LEVI Blanket


Color: hivis_ems
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The CVN Arctic Levi Blanket is a high-quality thermal blanket, with the Orve+wrap® performance to prevent hypothermia.

Orve+wrap® pro-actively warms and maintains normothermia without the requirement of a secondary heat source.

Maintaining core temperature above 36 degrees is crucial to improving patient outcome.

The inner material is made of soft needle punch fleece for comfort. The manufacturing process also allows Orve+wrap® to be cut to any size without damaging its integrity. Suitable in the field such as in the operating room.

  • Alleviate Hypothermia, Maintain Normothermia
  • Non-Conductive and radiolucent
  • Easy to open and use
  • Barrier to Bacteria
  • Water and Wind proof
  • Anti-static and Latex free
  • Single-use, Recyclable, Cost-effective
  • Compact lightweight and easy to store

Blanket size: 1,5 m x 2,0 m
Packed size: approx. 22 cm x 32 cm x 3,5 cm
Colour: Military green / High visibility (EMS)

BS EN ISO 12952- 1 and 2
NSN: 4240-58-001-4374

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