Fibrelight Tactical Assault Ladder


Title: Single 5m
£270.00 ex.VAT
£324.00 inc.VAT


The Fibrelight Tactical Assault Ladder provides an incredibly strong yet lightweight solution to the climbing requirements for military and emergency services. The Tactical Assault Ladder is made out of carbon fibre rods to provide an incredibly strong structure.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight
  • Noiseless
  • No metal parts
  • Non conducting
  • Ladders can be joined together
  • Can be climbed from either side
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Width - 0.2m (single) or 0.4m (double)
  • Lengths - 2m - 20m
  • Weight - 0.17 kg per metre
  • Safe Working Load - 275 kgs (single) and 400 kgs (double)
  • NSN numbers

The Fibrelight Tactical Assault Ladders contain no metal parts, are nonconducting and therefore present no radar signal and are noiseless. It is a flexible device, thus it does not tangle like a wire ladder and for operator ease it can be climbed from either side. They have been well received by Special Forces units worldwide and have seen service with many military and law enforcement units. Whilst the Tactical Assault Ladders have been designed for use by Special Force units they can also be an essential piece of equipment for indoor climbers, riggers, contractors and for escape from confined spaces. They are also used for caving, mountaineering and yachting.

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