Gallant Disposable Prep Razors


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The functional and unique design of the Gallant Surgical Prep Razor encompasses the healthcare sector’s requirements for a high standard of safety and hygiene for pre-operational procedures.

The handle is positioned in front of the blade, allows the razor to smoothly glide over the skin, without a need for any pressure and thus minimizing the risk of cuts.

The razor blade is made of platinum coated Swedish quality stainless steel. A slight fingertip pressure allows the high-quality blade to smoothly shave close to the skin without creating skin irritations or cuts.

To ensure that the razor, for hygienic reasons, cannot be re-used, the blade part of the razor can be snapped off and separated from the handle by a slight vertical pressure.

  • The ribbed Gallant handle ensures a steady and efficient grip of the razor and furthermore, giving you a controlled
    view of the area being prepared
  • Perfect for ECG preparation
  • The contoured plastic handle with sure grip ridges is in front of the platinum coated stainless steel blade to help provide precise fingertip control
  • A built-in comb lifts and separates hair, which helps to provide a superior preparation

  • The unique open design provides an optimal view of shaving area
  • The GALLANT razor works just as well with or without foam
  • The plastic parts only weighs 3.63gm
  • Fully recyclable
  • The platinum plated blade weight is 0.28gm

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