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IV Tactical's Mini Cling Film Burn Protection is essentially mini stretch cling film on an easy-to-use single hand dispenser. Our objective is to offer a product that’s practical, small enough for a medic kit/grab bag, quick to deploy and easy to use.

Burn wounds are vulnerable to infection therefore keeping them sealed off from bacteria is essential for a successful recovery. The main benefit of cling film is that it won’t stick to the burned area. Cling film can keep the burn wound clean until definitive medical management can occur. It helps maintain burn wound moisture and helps to protect exposed nerve endings which can assist in multimodal pain management and also prevent scarring.

Ideally you would use a wet gel dressing such as Water-Jel. Where this is not available, run the affected area under cold, running water for at least 20 minutes, and then apply the cling film. It should be running water, because it's the movement of the water that takes away the heat. Remember, where possible always have your gloves on.

Remove the first part of the film on the roll before use as you don’t want a surface that could be harbouring bacteria. Caution should be used with chemical burns as some acids, alkalis and solvents may react and dissolve the film.

Don’t wrap the burn! as this can have a tourniquet effect as oedema worsens. As the affected area swells it will constrict the burn causing further pain. Ideally cut and lay panel by panel over the burn.

Periodically after application check CMTS - Circulation, Movement, Temperature, & Sensation. To ensure the cling film isn’t too tight, causing additional discomfort and also if further cooling is required. Thermal burns can still be cooled with cling film in place. 

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