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The NeXsplint Plus Military Green is the foldable compact/tactical version of the XCollar Plus Cervical Spinal Splinting System. It requires 40% less storage space than conventional c-collars and is the preferred alternative for vehicle extrication, combat and tactical medicine, confined space, over the side, mountain, and urban rescues.

This item is available to pre order only, we don't hold stock. Lead time is approx. 3 Weeks

Some added features that are exclusive to the NeXsplint Plus Military Green include a thicker, black Occipital Support Pad, and longer dark-colored Securing Straps to accommodate possible body armor.

The NeXsplint Plus comes with an integrated height-adjustable Head Restraint System that works to prevent vertical and lateral movement, while allowing in-line movement of the head with the torso to avoid cervical vertebrae separation and/or compression due to dynamic forces during transport. 

  • Foldable, compact design reduces storage size by 40% - ideal for military, survival, and tactical rescue personnel backpacks.
  • The adjustable, integrated Head Restraint System (HRS) eliminates the need for head blocks, towels, and tape, while minimizing vertical and lateral patient movement during transport.
  • Thicker adjustable Occipital Support Padding and long Head Restraint Straps designed for possible body armor.
  • Occipital Support Pad is adjustable in 1/2-inch increments for up to 2 inches.
  • Vacuum-sealed non-translucent package for increased durability in harsh conditions.
  • Capable of customizing to fit patient body types ranging from pediatric (approx. 22 lbs) to extra-large adult (approx. 360+ lbs).
  • Oversized trachea opening allows for carotid pulse checks, advanced airway procedures, and easy visual assessment.
  • Splints the cervical spine in the "Position of Comfort", or Position Found.
  • Available in Clear, High-Visibility Orange, and Military Green.
  • Latex-free materials are radiolucent, MRI and CT scan compatible.


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