SOLARGORILLA Clamshell Solar Panel


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The solargorilla portable solar charger gives your powergorilla juice anywhere under the sun. The solargorilla is also a viable charging option for laptops under 40 watts and it can even charge your smartphone, GoPro, GPS system, smartwatch and many more devices from the 5V USB output.

solargorilla works via two PV (photovoltaic) solar panels, which generate electric current when they are exposed to sunlight. The technically advanced solar panels ensure superb power and reliable performance, all housed in a tough outer casing.

Note: solargorilla is a charging option. It is primarily designed to be used in conjunction with the powergorilla via the L53D tip and some laptops under 40 Watts. It may not work with some laptops over 40 watts directly. It relies on the UV intensity of the sun. Therefore, at certain times of the year it may not be suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere unless combined with the powergorilla.

Please note: no Apple cables or connectors are supplied with solargorilla. To discuss charging MacBooks under 40 watts with a solargorilla, please contact or call the support team on +44(0)1420 542980


• 10W multi-voltage, clamshell solar charger
• 1x USB output: 5V/2A
• 1x DC output: 20V/0.5A
• Weight: 848g
• Size: 264mm x 200mm x 19mm (folded)


1 x Solargorilla
1 x DC Extension cable (2m)
1 x USB Extension cable (2m)
1 x Female 12V socket
1 x Laptop tips set (10 pcs)
1 x Neoprene case
1 x Velcro strap

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