Splinting Kit - Basic


£9.50 ex.VAT
£11.40 inc.VAT


Designed to be a handy addition to your medic kit or grab bag as an emergency splinting kit for immobilizing suspected fractures of the limbs.


  • Prometheus Omni Splint 11cm x 91cm
  • Cohesive Bandage 5cm x 4.5m
  • Reinforced Combat Medic Tape 5cm x 2.5m
  • IV Tactical Mini Trauma Shears (15cm Blades)

The items fit together nicely with the tape and blades of the shears stored securely inside the core of the rolled splint. The cohesive bandage fits nicely on top to square off the protruding handles of the shears.

It's nice and compact measuring ony 16cm x 8cm x8cm and vacuum sealed for protection of the contents. 

Simply cut and/or bend the flexi splint to requirements and bind in place with the supplied bandages and tape.

(Colour of the Cohesive Bandage subject to change). Black by default.

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