Steroplast Trauma Dressing

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Size: Medium (10x18cm)
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The Steroplast trauma dressing is intelligently designed to stem severe blood loss and sustain life in crisis situations. Made with a thick dressing pad, elasticated straps and a velcro patch, the dressing can be applied easily in seconds.

Available in;

Medium 10x18cm

Large 15x18cm

Benefits of the Steroplast Trauma Dressing

  • The non-adherent trauma pressure dressing pad has a single directional action enabling the blood to pass through into the absorbent fibre.
  • The super-absorbent pad is capable of absorbing over twice its weight in fluid, protecting the wound from contamination.
  • Velcro fastening ensures the end of the bandage is secured quickly without needing additional supplies like dressing retention tape.
  • The dressing is highly versatile, with long straps meaning it can be used on any part of the body.
  • Choose from two size options: a large trauma dressing of 18cm x 10cm or a medium trauma dressing of 18cm x 15cm.
  • The dressing is vacuum-packed to condense it for better storage.
  • Each dressing is sterile until the packet is opened to prevent infection.


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