Sterostrip Ultra (Individual) Transparent Wound Dressing


Size: 6x7cm
£0.45 ex.VAT
£0.54 inc.VAT


An ultra fine adhesive wound dressing, made from a film that conforms to the body like a second skin

Transparent polyurethane adhesive dressing, often referred to as a 'second skin' dressing because it's virtually invisible

A superb dressing chosen by surgeons following surgical procedures for improved patient comfort, whilst allowing the individual to bath and shower. 

  • Post surgery dressing to cover and protect the wound site
  • Sterile low adherent absorbent pad
  • Allows skin to breathe
  • Bacteria barrier
  • Film coated with acrylic adhesive making it hypoallergenic
  • Highly flexible for dressing awkward body parts
  • Easy to apply
  • Individual Dressing


Sterostrip - Ultra 6cm x 7cm
Sterostrip - Ultra 8cm x 10cm
Sterostrip - Ultra 10cm x 12cm 

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