SWIFT 40 Power Pack w/ Integrated Cables


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£50.40 inc.VAT



Compact yet powerful, the Swift 40 houses a 10000mAh battery and is capable of charging most 5V electronic devices including smartphones, action cameras, smartwatches and more

With built-in Micro USB and lightning cables, this power pack also has a bi-directional USB-C port, plus 5V USB output and Micro USB input, making it a truly versatile portable charger

As well as charging 5V devices, the Swift 40 will provide a charge to compatible USB-C laptops giving up to 5 extra hours of use.

What can the Swift 40 recharge?

Laptop (Type C) | Tablet

Smartphone | SAT Phone

GPS | Action Camera

Smartwatch | Head Torch


• Power pack with 10000mAh/37Wh
• Built-in Micro USB cable output: 5V/2.1A
• Built-in Lightning USB cable output: 5V/2.4A
• 1x Micro USB input: 5V/2A
• 1x USB-C input/output: 5V/3A PD 18W Max
• 1x USB output fast charge 18W Max
• 5 LED battery indicators
• Weight: 285g
• Size: 140mm x 78mm x 16.5mm


1 x Swift 40
1 x Built-in Micro USB cable
1 x Built-in Lightning USB cable
1 x USB to Micro USB cable

PDF Datasheet

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