The SAM® Chest Seal Single Valved 2.0

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The SAM Chest Seal 2.0 features include its strong adhesive and its flexible construction which allows conformity over the wound. The adhesive properties have been tested to simulate various environments including adhesion to hair, sweat, blood, in the presence of sand, submersion in water, and during extended wear. The chest seal also adheres under extreme heat and cold.

This version features a one-way valve which provides for low resistance flow of air out of the chest cavity while preventing ingress. The valve is also designed to prevent blockage internally.

The domed shape of the valve was specially designed to prevent obstruction of the air channels from items such as blankets, clothing, and body armour.

With its ultimate use in global combat zones, the SAM® Chest Seal 2.0 is optimized for night vision. Both the packaging and chest seal can be viewed under no light conditions with the use of a night vision device. This allows for easier placement in all light conditions.


  • Latex free
  • Transparent
  • Dual tabs to facilitate placement and removal of dressing
  • Vacuum packed tear and peel pouch
  • Works under extreme heat and cold
  • Dressing and packaging are night vision optimized
  • Elastic for conformity of curved body surfaces
  • Oval shape with thin edge layer that resists lifting or peeling
  • Bio-compatible
  • One-way valve provides for low resistance airflow out of chest cavity while preventing ingress
  • Valve is designed to prevent blockage internally
  • Valve is designed to prevent blockage caused by external items such as a blanket


Height: 25.4 cm
Width: 16 cm
Weight: 51g

NSN # 6510-01-658-7745

Purchase of this medical device requires that the user is supervised by or is a medically trained person and competently trained in the use of this device. Ensuring this supervision is the purchaser's responsibility. By adding this item to the cart I verify that I accept these terms.

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