Triage Light Stick Combo 3 Pack


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IV Tactical Triage Light Stick Combo 3 Pack is perfect for triage applications, with red, yellow & green 12-hour light sticks.

Available in the most common colors used in triage. Used to support caretaking effectively in low visibility environments if multiple casualties are present.

After breaking them, the lightsticks give intense light for up to two hours and will work for up to 12 hours with a slowly fading light.

Lightsticks work with  reaction, which means there is no heat present during use. This makes them ideal to be used in hazardous areas or near flammable particles and explosives.


  • Package Size: 24cmx10cmx2cm
  • Working time: Up to 2 hours with intense light, after that up to 12 hours with slowly fading light
  • Use: Break the stick and shake it up. The chemiluminescent reaction will begin and the stick will lighten up.

Safe, reliable and effective lights from are visible from a distance, even in extreme weather.

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