Xtract™ A-Float


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Whether crossing a jungle river, evacuating a flooded house, crossing a canal in Iraq or negotiating melted water in the Arctic, water obstacles often pose a significant risk to the safety of both casualties and rescuers. Xtract™SR Afloat gives rescue teams a small, lightweight, viable solution.

The Xtract™SR Afloat is a compact casualty flotation product for rescuers who must cross a water obstacle in challenging environments. Xtract™SR Afloat can also be used as an insulating mattress to combat hypothermia and improve patient comfort.

Xtract™SR Afloat minimises movement of both the casualty and treatment with side and head floatation. Providing stability and support for the casualty and keeps their head out of the water. Xtract™SR Afloat will provide 350N of flotation supporting a 90.7kg casualty.



Dimensions deployed (max) - 255 x 98cm
Dimensions Packed - 28 x 14x 14 cm
Weight - 1.4 kg


Product not in stock but available to buy with lead time of 5-7 days.

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