Xtract™SR Element Protection System (EPS) Module


£229.95 ex.VAT
£275.94 inc.VAT


The Xtract™ EPS Module consists of two elements, an Xtract™ Insulation Inflatable Mattress and Xtract™  Nylon Thermal Cover.

Heat loss is reduced through convection and conduction, whilst protecting the casualty from the cold environment. Casualty comfort is increased whilst allowing easy access for ongoing treatment and assessment.

    Module Includes:

    Xtract- EPS Compression Sack 
    Xtract-EPS Nylon Thermal Cover
    Xtract- EPS Inflatable Mattress

    Dimensions deployed (max) - 270 x 110 cm
    Dimensions Packed - 25 x 12 x 14 cm
    Weight - 1kg

    Product not in stock but available to buy with lead time of 5-7 days.

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